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Dear Student, 

Welcome to our web page, directed to you. On this page you can find information about both studies, useful links, what AvL can do for you as a student and frequently asked questions. 


We would like to point out now that, if you are already a student at TU Delft, we mainly share our communication with the students via our brightspace page. Furthermore, students and upcoming students,  you can easily ask your questions through our WhatsApp (+31 15 278 4050),
via instagram or via email
Don't hesitate to ask all your questions! 

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Becoming a Master student

AvL is the study association of 2 masters. BioMedical Engineering and BioMechanical Design.  We will briefly introduce both studies. 


BioMedical Engineering

The TU Delft master's programme in BioMedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary programme which aims to provide you with both an understanding of biology and medical theory as well as highly specialised technical training in such fields as electrical, physics, material and mechanical engineering.

You will learn how to develop conceptual models from a technical perspective and you will work in close collaboration with physicians, researchers and other healthcare professionals, including on-site at the collaborating academic institutions.

The MSc programme in BioMedical Engineering is a two-year programme and is taught in English.

The programme consists of three tracks:

For more information about the master's program, we would like to refer to the website of TU Delft.


We also recommend to take a look at the study guide. Here you can find more detailed information about the courses, which is also helpful for choosing your courses! 


BioMechanical Design

BioMechanical Design deals with the interaction of mechanical technology with biological systems. This means investigating human movement, perception, and control characteristics from a mechanical engineering perspective, and developing both the mechanical design skills and the knowledge of control theory necessary to develop robust and adaptive systems that can interact effectively with the messy, soft, and unpredictable world of human beings. In contrast to the more clinically oriented MSc programme in Biomedical Engineering, BioMechanical Design focuses on the engineering challenges of learning from biological systems for engineering applications.

For more information about the master's program, we would like to refer to the website of TU Delft.

We also recommend to take a look at the study guide. Here you can find more detailed information about the courses, which is also helpful for choosing your courses! 

Useful links


Our brightspace page

The brightspace page of our study association Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is the main channel where we communicate with our members. 
We strongly encourage students to add this page. 
On this page we share mostly educational and career oriented updates. For example, we keep students informed about internships that we get in through the university and through companies. Occasionally we will also communicate graduation projects. You will also find links to whatsapp groups for specific subjects. We will also share eductative news when it comes to course evaluations.


We work closely with the BMechE department. The brightspace pages of both master studies are therefore advisable to keep an eye on. 


WhatsApp Groups

To encourage contact between students and to be able to reach everyone in an accessible way, there are whatsapp groups for both master studies. These groups are exclusively meant for study related messages. Spam is not tolerated, therefore it is a nice tool for everyone to use. 
Because each student follows his own study program, with different subjects, there are also subject-specific group chats. Links for these chats are shared at the beginning of each quarter through the main chat groups and through our brightspace page. 


Our socials

Our instagram page is where we mainly share activities. Think of social activities like organized activities from the committees like outings with the Activity Committee, updates on the organized StudyTour and Panels from Eduboard. Here you will also find announcements of lunch lectures, case studies and in-house days where interesting companies from our field showcase more of their work. 

The instagram especially will post regular updates. Our other socials are nice to look at occasionally but will never be the only place where certain information is shared. 

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost money to become a member of AvL?

The simple answer is: No :)
Membership does not cost money. However, if you participate in certain activities, there may be some costs involved. These will always remain very low or you will get a part through us! In any case, you will always be informed in advance. 

Can I sign up for a committee or for the AvL board?

If you are interested in the answer to this question, we would like to start with:
Awesome that you're interested! 
Talk to one of us or send a message through whatsapp, then we can meet with you for a coffee to discuss everything! 

What is the difference between BME and BMD?

Biomedical Engineering is the more clinically oriented MSc Programme. As medical science has advanced, physicians and patients have relied on increasingly sophisticated medical devices for diagnosis, treatment, and long-term health care. BioMedical engineers are key players in the development, design, and continuing refinement of devices such as joint replacement prostheses, microsensors, imaging and image processing, as well as advanced instruments for use in such domains as minimally invasive surgery and the diagnosis of movement disorders. 


BioMechanical Design focuses on the engineering challenges of designing bio-inspired robots, fine-mechanical systems, automobille driver support and training systems, haptic interfaces, and tools for top athletes. Students will receive an advanced education in the design and engineering of robotic devices, mechatronic design, control engineering and biological principles. Students are encouraged to select courses from other departments, faculties or even universities, if appropriate.

Is your question not answered above? You can fill ask is down heare and we’ll get back to you shortly. You can also always send us an email or a message through WhatsApp!

Thanks for submitting!

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