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Companies and Partners

Study Association Antoni van Leeuwenhoek enjoys working with companies to offer its students a view of the field. As a company, this collaboration can be beneficial in creating brand awareness among students who are about to graduate and will be looking for jobs. On this page we elaborate on the possibilities for collaborations. 


During the BioMedical Engineering and BioMechanical Design Master students specialize themselves in their field and as they are close to graduating, they start exploring different work possibilities. In the past years we have seen many students graduate and find jobs across a wide variety of fields - the range of possible career applications following both masters is astonishing. Many students pursue careers in engineering design, consultancy, insurance companies and even banks. Therefore, we strive to give all companies a platform to promote themselves and to get in contact with our students 


One of our main goals as an association is to connect our students with potential future employees. Mostly this is realized by organizing network events in cooperation with companies, like lunch lectures, case studies, inhouse days, and a Career Day in 2023, yet the possibilities are endless.In addition, internships, job openings or other promotion material regarding a company can be promoted through our newsletter, social media channels, and website. We believe that our students will find it inspiring to hear more about potential companies and it would be interesting for potential companies to get in contact with our students. 

Is your company interested in organizing network events together with AvL, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (

Lunch lecture Rods and Cones
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A partnership includes a long-term collaboration between AvL and the company. It offers great possibilities for the company to get in contact with our students and likewise for our students to get to know more about the company. A partner of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek S. A. should organize at least once per year a network event for students of AvL. The form of the network event can be chosen freely and is up to the company's own wishes. In exchange, AvL will place the logo of the companies on their social media channels and website. Furthermore, AvL will promote the network event amongst their students through their social media channels.


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Buitenhuis Advies is a dynamic, small-scale consultancy firm based in The Hague. The consultants have specific knowledge and experience in the field of hospital ICT, financial and administrative processes in healthcare. They work on the basis of mutual trust, openness and challenging goals. Buitenhuis Advice has developed themselves on the operational side of healthcare institutions. As a result, they have extensive knowledge of the practice within almost all layers of the organization.

Gupta Strategists

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Gupta Strategists is an independent consulting firm for organizations in the healthcare sector, in the Netherlands and abroad. They distill complex issues into practical solutions and innovative ideas.Their main goal is to demonstrably improve healthcare. They advise on strategic issues, provide innovative ideas and implement new strategies. Their way of working is characterized by creatively combining in-depth knowledge with a practical approach. And to ensure our expertise remains in the organization, they share the knowledge gained during projects with our clients’ teams.



Making an impact on accelerating the energy transition and key infrastructures worldwide
We are TWD – an innovative engineering company where we love to create construction methods and design installation tools. We achieve creative, simple, and efficient solutions through committed teamwork. Thanks to our main pillars – fun, development, and happy clients – we grow at a rapid pace with over 250 talented people in four locations: Rotterdam, London, Athens, and Taipei.

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